Your highest satisfaction is our goal!

For more than 90 years, we’ve worked hard, doing our very best to repair our customer’s cars.

But just merely repairing them has never been our only goal: we wanted people to come back to us, feel at home, confident that we always offer the best quality of repairs at the best prices.

Thanks to our loyal customers, coming to us for up to 4 generations, we’ve stayed in business longer than anyone in our region.

Now that we have branched out into used cars exports, our goals have not changed: integrity and friendliness to provide you with the highest security and satisfaction through pre-auction videos, watchable on Youtube BEFORE you buy the cars of your dreams, along with offering the safest methods of payment in the business to all our customers.

By watching videos of your car on Youtube, you can actually hear the sound of the engine, the presence or absence of scratches, as if the car was in front of you.

All that BEFORE you decide to buy the car! For any extra informations, please contact us directly through email, Skype or on the phone.

For more informations, do not hesitate to contact one of our sales rep, either in English, French or Japanese:

Skype ID: Amagasaki-Motor-sale


For Service in English or French: +81-50-5806-2895

For service in Japanese: +81-6-6482-1141


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In order to provide you with the best service possible, we offer 3 different sales methods. Our main activity is “Auction Bidding”.

We have access to numerous auction houses that sell thousands of cars every day and we grant you full access to it.

You want a JDM car?

Chances are extremely high that what you’re looking for is going to be in one of our auction houses.

The second sales method we offer is through our stock of cars.

We have selected and bought some cars through auctions.

These cars have been extensively inspected by our staff and are ready to ship out.

End prices of those cars are usually a bit more expensive than through auctions, but you know that what you buy will be in perfect mechanical condition.

The third solution we offer is aimed at people looking for commercial vehicles (trucks mostly) and buying entire fleets.

We can offer a service of disassembly (PKD or CKD: Partial Knock-Down or Complete Knock-Down) which allows us to fit even more vehicles in containers.

Buying cars through auctions:

When buying a car through auction, you have the certainty of buying the vehicle at the cheapest price that day.

We are here to help you through the whole process.

One of our certified mechanic will go and inspect the car before the auction even starts, allowing you to see the car of your interest before buying it. Not only will he inspect the car itself, making sure it has no hidden defects, but he will also provide you with a 2 to 3 minutes video, available through our Youtube account, showing you the car in detail and allowing you to hear its engine rev.

When our competitors come to you with 2 or 3 tiny pictures taken from the auction site itself, along with a quick translation of what is written on the auction sheet, we get you to see and hear the car you want, going as far as telling you whether the AC still work or not.

Please keep in mind this only concerns auctions in Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka areas. Even though we have access to auctions all around the country, this is a service we offer (at no extra charge) to auctions houses located in those areas only.

We will also provide you with bidding informations of past sales so that we can determine how much the car you want will sell for.

We will determine your maximum bidding amount and provide you with the actual end result of the auction.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible.

We only charge you with the winning amount of your auction, our fee, the freight and nothing else. Please contact us for more details.

Inventory Sales:

These are the cars that we have previously bought on auction.

We have inspected them thoroughly, we have repaired whatever had to be repaired/changed and we put them back on sale for you to buy.

These cars are usually a bit more expensive than through auction, but you know what you’re buying: a fully inspected and repaired-if-needed vehicle of quality. Of course, if you want very specific pictures of those cars, we can provide them to you in no time as they are all located in our main offices, in Kobe.

Customized Sales:

If you’re interested in trucks or special vehicles to send by container, please feel free to contact us as we are able to respond to such demands and we can offer PKD or CKD if needed. We work with certified disassembly specialist here in Kobe.

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We also have access to 121 auction sites everywhere in the country, so if you have very specific needs and want rare cars that are available in different auctions houses, we can buy the cars at those auction sites and have them shipped to us for the vanning process.

Please keep in mind that a pre- purchase inspection by our staff will not be possible if the vehicle is located outside of our regular work area.

We strongly believe our longevity and reputation in the business is a testimony to the quality of our work.

We are approved as a vehicle inspection company by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. This is the highest ranked a car repair shop can reach in Japan, famously known worldwide as the infamous “Shaken”.

We are also a member and Executive Councilor of the Amagasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Company Info

  • Company Profile :
  • Amagasaki Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Founded :
  • April 1, 1932
  • Key people :
  • Atsushi Kono [CEO]
  • Yoshihiko Horimoto [General Manager]
  • Flavien Vidal [Sales Manager]
  • Our business :
  • Dealer, Auction Agent, Exporter
  • “Shaken” Car Repair Shop
  • Business hour :
  • 8:30-17:30(Japan time)
  • Holiday :
  • Sunday
  • Japan head office :
  • 1-9-47, Showadori,
  • Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo, 660-0881 Japan
  • Skype ID :
  • Amagasaki-Motor-sale
  • E-Mail :
  • sales@amagasakimotor.net
  • For Service in English or French :
  • (+81) 50-5806-2895
  • For Service in Japanese :
  • +81-6-6482-1141
  • Website :
  • http://www.amagasakimotor.net
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism authorized inspection maintenance factory license : No.OSAKAHYOGO171
  • Secondhand Goods trader license : No.63336900004
  • Member and Executive Councilor of the Amagasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Atsushi Kono
    Kansai University,Osaka,Japan
    LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws)

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